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A Leap to Freedom

I guess you would say that I am not only taking a huge chance but also a leap to freedom by preparing to escape my abuser, who is my husband and a guy with considerable power as a law enforcement officer. I have tried to leave before, but got pulled back in and scared due to the constant manipulation and bullying I face everyday from him and his police friends have been beaten to within an inch of my life, and was just laughed at, because my husband is a cop. When I tried to leave with my son before, I was stalked, harassed, had my tires slashed numerous times, threatened by him and his friends and told he would take our son, because he could. You see, his friends include Will County judges and attorneys, so as I have been told by many people, the system is rigged to favor those most powerful, and they aren’t interested in truth and justice. Far from it.

When women like me are scared to leave for fear of our child being taken from them, just because the abusive spouse has rich friends and family, is so disgusting and sexist, to say the least. Racism is surely a problem within police departments, but sexism within the court system and police departments is an epidemic as well. My husband and his friends have joked about letting abusers go, when they are called out on a domestic violence call, because they don’t believe what women say. They laugh about it too. I have heard them laugh about hurting and beating African American individuals who they have taken into custody, because they can.

As I spoke to an attorney recently, and shared some of my concerns with him, his response was, “that is the way Will County courts are.” Interesting that the “norm” is sexist and that victims of domestic violence are pushed aside and thrown away like garbage. Abusers get custody from the good mothers all the time in Will County, I am told. I have met a few and their stories of survival are horrific. I have heard that it happens as well in other parts of America as well, but Will County is one of the worst.

Hopefully this pandemic will cause the Illinois Supreme Court, the Will County Board, The Attorney General, Inspector General, Illinois Bar Associations, as well as many other entities, to look at how money and power are allowed, and have been allowed to corrupt our system, and tear survivors of domestic violence away from their children, just for the own personal agendas of the powerful.

My hope and immense prayer is that some miracle happens and I can be finally free and allowed to live at peace with my son. PLEASE!!!!!!!!

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