Sexism in Will County

As someone once asked me what were the worst parts of going through the system with my abuser–besides the abuse I suffered, I could say a whole list of things, but the few that stand out are the fact that domestic violence is so downplayed in the Will County Courts, and within the local and state media as well. The fact that the court system, judges and many of the attorneys are sexist and have not only made sexist remarks to survivors, but treat women and especially women who have survived abuse, as animals and as though we have no rights and no voice.

As a black woman survivor, I stand with all of my “sisters” of different races and ethnicities, to say that there needs to be reform and accountability in the Will County courts. As a survivor of not only domestic violence, but A SURVIVOR OF SEXUAL ASSAULT AS WELL BY A POLICE OFFICER, who was not disciplined, the change needs to start now, as this has been going on for many, many decades due to the lack of accountability, and the fact that it is allowed everyday to occur. Survivors are laughed at and not believed. Maybe that is what they want, to see women kept underneath them forever, and not allowed to be heard.

I am anonymous but standing proud as a survivor!

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