Some Days

Some days, I just like to sit by myself in the forest preserve, after taking a long and peaceful walk. I just like to sit and listen, to the sounds of nature all around me. It definitely makes me feel safe.

Safe-and far from all of the craziness and danger that was all around me—during an abusive marriage, which was my HELL!

I like the quiet, the peace, the hope of a day, without pain. Of course, the pain has not completely disappeared. Maybe many people take that peace for granted. I think they do.

I always hope for a future—-of calm, of joy, of happiness, not just for me, but for everyone!!!

I don’t hold onto any hatred towards my abuser—for that would spoil the peace I feel today.

The secret that I figured out, that probably is no secret, is forgiveness, because it is healing for me. If I held on to any anger or bitterness towards my abuser, I wouldn’t feel any better, and I wouldn’t be able to move forward.

I have hope for a bright future for myself—to do more and to be more, and to help others.