As I sat in the park crying today, I thought of all of the times, I have done that, because of the abuse I have suffered.

I thought of so many days wasted, because of it.

I thought of things I have not done, because of it.

I thought of opportunities gone, because of it.

I thought of my self-esteem being pushed to the bottom, because of it.

I thought of my body, being beaten and bruised, because of it.

I thought of all of the hateful and hurtful words that were screamed at me by my abuser, and the scars both inside and out, took another piece of my life, each time.

I lost so much, but I thought as well, that I still have, my life.

I am leaving today.

Done crying… the time of each moment of my life away. He is SO not worth it, and I know I am worth more.

Anonymous Survivor, who is finally leaving

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