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You Don't Know Me

You don’t know me or my five kids, but we are just as important as anyone else, even though many don’t treat us as such in this state of Illinois. We have been through the worst time possible, as we have been dealing with severe abuse at the hands of my husband/ my kids dad. What kind of individual does this to his family? I tried to find a shelter to stay at but there are no openings anywhere. I couldn’t give my phone number as I had to borrow a phone from one of my kids friends at school, so my husband didn’t know I called. Scared is not even the word I would use to describe. I tried to make a report at the local PD , but they laughed at me. I am not sure why. I left there in tears. My kids and I need money to find a safe place to stay so we can leave. Hopefully safely. I need to take a deep breath every time he comes home and every time he leaves. Very scared.

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