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I Try To Keep Smiling

😊 I try to keep smiling.

I don’t know if I will be here tomorrow, as my husband is a bully and hits me all the time. Please pray for me. I have a bloody nose today, because this morning he didn’t like the eggs and sausage breakfast I made him. The kids saw him throw the plate and food across the kitchen---which is almost a daily routine, and get food and glass everywhere. I have three kids. I have no money as he only gives me an allowance to get enough food for the week for me and the kids and him, but he is never satisfied with what I make and tells me I look like a dog and should make me eat off the floor. My kids cry……and we need to figure how to get out of here. A few of his friends know what he does to us, and they laugh. We need to get out of Illinois, where more people care about people like us who are suffering in silence of abuse.

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