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I don’t believe in, nor trust people. I don’t really know how to sum up the pain that has been caused. It’s often too much – too overwhelming to even describe. How does one describe the abuse……… I just want to cry, cry, cry.

How do I describe what has been done to me?! It was indescribable – just unbearable some days, to be honest, that when I was knocked unconscious, and finally woke up in a daze, I just wished it was over. Just so it didn’t have to occur over and over again.

I am glad I woke up and am now free.

The fear I endured, every single day, most people cannot even imagine.

The brutality of the abuse my ex did to me, is etched in my brain, and memories/nightmares left to deal with. That is definitely not love. I may never know true love – after all of this. Too much damage has been done. It takes up all my energy just to get up and keep going. God – Please give me the courage.

I have been torn to pieces.

I pray for happiness.

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