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A day in the life of a Domestic Violence Survivor, that’s ME

I may be nameless to strangers who don’t know me, but I struggle everyday to feel human, as my husband has made me feel less than human, but instead has treated me like a dog.

I have seen people give me dirty looks, but offer no help, as I walk through the grocery store, and then they look away. No one cares to step up and help. I am stuck. I am pregnant and stuck in this horror, and afraid as I prepare to welcome a new baby into this nightmare world I face everyday. Does anyone even care about the horrors I have faced, or face now?!!! I don’t think so.

Fear takes me deep inside myself, as I try to figure out how I can possibly leave. He tells me that I am nothing without him. Am I?

Who am I, as I sit here, in the library, crying inside of myself, while he is at work. And this is my only time to think; think of what will I do, think of what he is going to do to me when he gets home, think of what I will face tomorrow.

Here’s hoping that he comes home in a good mood, or that someday, I find a place to go to, and enough money, so I can leave with my baby, while we can.

Keep me in your thoughts, as I try to find my way. I know I am worth more.

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