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Abusers Are Given Better Treatment

Someone asked me to share my story of survival as a victim of domestic violence. I was surprised someone cared, as my experience so far with law enforcement and in the courts in Will county………are that no one cares at all about victims. I just prefer to remain anonymous, as I fear for my life every day, as my abuser is a deputy for Will County. I cannot even begin to summarize my long story of abuse, but will try to address to the best of my ability. After suffering years of physical, psychological, emotional, financial and sexual abuse, I was able to escape…….but not without its consequences and further abuse by him and by the courts that give abusers that have a badge, preferential treatment in Will County. Boy, I was so naïve to think this system is fair. It is not. Women like me, who have survived abuse, are treated like cattle, and are traded and sold in the courts to the highest bidder, and their truth of what happened to us matters not. Judges have not cared that survivors of domestic violence lose all of their money to their abuser, which is financial abuse, and laugh when they find out that the victim is sleeping in their car or on the street if they have no car. Facts. I have lived this.

Abusers are given better treatment.

I wish I could say someone in our court system in Will County and Illinois cares, but I cannot.

Maybe one day they will realize that a victim/survivor of domestic violence has a voice and matters. It just hasn’t happened yet.

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