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Afraid to Step Out of Hiding

I am still in my abuser’s clutches, and am afraid to step out, because, he has continually told me that he will do whatever he has to in order to keep my quiet. You see, he is a high-powered individual in Will County, and has a lot of friends. It doesn’t matter that he has beaten me up on a daily basis, because I know that no one will do anything to help me. They consider him more worthy than me, so I have no where to turn to. I am scared………I lose sleep………I cry………and his abuse has caused me severe anxiety and stress. Having a rally is great to address DV, but without much needed change, I see nothing different for those of us as victims, when the system does not protect us!!!!! How do I step out of hiding and speak when I won’t be protected? I am tired, not just physically and emotionally, but also tired of being treated like I don’t matter at all!!

I am tired of being laughed at by my abuser, and by other officials who have witnessed some of my abuse and what I have gone through, but they just walked away. Shame on you all officials, for not doing anything to help!!!

Anonymous and in Fear for my Life

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