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Blaming Myself…Because the System Does

I know I shouldn’t blame myself for what was done to me. I cried myself to sleep-as I was hiding in the closet last night-again-after he beat me. Our five year old was huddled with me-as I calmed him as he was screaming while I was being beaten. My husband told me- that we had to stay in the closet until morning, as he said it was my fault he was so angry. I have to find the money to leave. I have to figure out a new plan, as I tried to get help from the police and others, but no one cares. My husband has laughed at me when I told him I would leave, and he said that I am nothing, and have nothing, and am nothing without him.

My son and I deserve better even though our system agrees with my abusive husband and says we don’t deserve better. Victims in Will County and Illinois are lost and alone and afraid, and many will stay, because the system fails. My son and I are leaving….because we deserve better…we deserve a life without abuse.

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