Are we all chosen for some specific purpose on this earth? I suppose so.

I just have wondered what is my purpose for being beaten, by my boyfriend?

As I sit here, with a bloody nose, and cuts on my face, neck, arms and back, I just wonder………why me?!

He really isn’t a “friend”, since he is doing this to me, and blaming me every time he does it.

Am I a bad person to deserve to be treated this horribly?

How does an abusive person like this find people like me to hurt?

As I sit here, picking up the pieces of my shattered life, which was once, what it seemed like a fairytale, I feel as if I am just someone’s piece of trash that they did not want.

How do I leave?

I mean, really?! People often look away, when they see me in the store, with the bruises, and don’t ask me if I am ok, or if they can help.

How do I change my life?!

I know, I know………………….one step at a time………..but it’s not as easy as people think. Especially those who have never dealt with it.

I know I deserve better.


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