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Hands and fingers hurt others

Hello. People don’t realize how hands and fingers……….and words hurt others.

I have learned, ever since the first time he struck and knocked me down, that he loves to hurt me, and that he doesn’t know how to love. His words of meanness, have cut me down.

I have learned that no one cares what is happening to me, not even the judge, when I went in to get an order of protection and was denied, so I decided I had to wait to leave, because I knew no one was going to protect me.

I have to prepare myself and where I can go. I have to figure out how I can support myself.

I am having So much stress and uncertainty.

Now, I have to race home, and make dinner before he comes home, and have to make sure it is hot, or I know what the consequences will be. Not good for me.

I will figure out a way.

I have reached a point of having had enough.

I want more. I am tired of blaming myself, and tired of him blaming me.

Tired of being treated as unloved and disrespected, by him and everyone.

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