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I Am 15 And A Victim

I am 15 and a victim/survivor of domestic violence. My mom is too. My little brother is as well. We still live with my dad, who is a violent police officer in a nearby department, but not Joliet. He knows he can do this, because he is powerful. He says the judges love him, and he has power in the court too. Will County. My only peaceful time is at school. My mom Is scared because he beats her daily, but only enough not to show much, and even if she had severe bruises he would just make up another excuse to people that she fell because he tells people she is clumsy. If only people knew the truth that he isn’t a charming and good cop that many believe him to be. People are fools that don’t know what domestic violence is. I don’t know how to get out of here with my mom and brother. No one will help. She went to his chief but he did nothing. He laughed and his cop friends laughed. I am not sure what we are going to do. I have hope we can find a way out safely. Safe to be free from this hell we live in everyday. I want my mom and brother to be happy and safe and I want to be happy and safe. It doesn’t seem like anyone cares around here to help us. The cops in this county sure don’t.

I pray we get out of here alive. I want to be 16.

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