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I am a mystery to many people

I am a mystery to many people, who think that abuse is something you just “get over.” Haha…..yeah sure….

I have heard that term, time and time again, from people who have never been through it.

People that know nothing about abuse, have so much bad advice for those of us who have been through it.

That would be nice, to have the luxury, of just “getting over” something, that is not easy, to move past from. I don’t think it is something you “get over”, but you just “get through” it.

I am on a long road back, from the pain of abuse.

I was “hidden” from the rest of the world for so long, by fear, inflicted by my abuser husband, who had power and a gun.

Leaving him was the best thing I could do, and the scariest as well.

It is not easy, and not an easy “road” to go down. It is scary, it is uncertain, and it is something that is slow in recovering from.

I not only have physical scars, but also scars that are ones you cannot see.

My sister has told me, that “no one likes to be around you”, because she doesn’t understand the pain I go through, and doesn’t care to. She has her privileged life, full of wealth and free from abuse, so she doesn’t want to know what I have been through. It is ignorance, plain and simple, and if she doesn’t know, that is all the better for her, as she sees it. That’s fine. Whatever makes her feel better.

Who am I? I am a survivor. For those who choose to know me. Scars and All!!!

For those who don’t, that is ok too. You have to live whatever your journey is, even if it is being ignorant of truth and turning a blind eye to what others go through.

I would just hope that a majority of people would choose to care and help others. Whether they are your family members or stranger, stepping up to help is the right thing to do, in others times of crisis and trauma.

I just know I am a survivor and overcomer. I am proud of who I am.

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