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I feel very alone right now.

I pray that God keeps me safe as I speak out.

I pray that God keeps my son safe as well, with me.

I live in Illinois, where I grew up in the southwest suburbs.

As a victim and survivor of domestic violence, I was lied to, by my attorney, the system, law enforcement and those I trusted that said that the truth of what happened to me matters.

They want me to drop my order of protection against my police officer husband and just finish up my divorce and give away residential custody of my son….because that is what my abuser wants. I thought they were joking, but unfortunately I am told that is the game. The game that is stacked against victims of domestic violence. As I have been told, DV victims are considered insignificant. To the system, DV isn’t real. Well, it is real for all of the victims it affects. VERY real!!! It seems to be a more common theme for police officer wives that are being abused to be further traumatized by the court system and also push aside by their own attorneys as well. I recently saw another survivor, of police officer husband abuse, being intimidated not to testify against him, and she is now too afraid to stand up and speak out. This is the society we live in with no one in the system willing to protect women who are victims of domestic violence, especially police abuse spouse violence.

I have also been threatened by other officers in the department he works for, to do as I am told- ---and shut my mouth.

Will anyone EVER stand with women abused by officer husbands?!!!! Anyone??????!!!

I live in fear every day. My son is afraid of his father’s mood swings and anger. But no one else cares.

We do matter, as survivors---as women---as mothers-----We Matter!!! Abusive officers are NOT above the law. Unfortunately Illinois, Will County and America treat them better than women, every day. We, as survivors, are just thrown away.

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