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Please Pray

Yes, I am a survivor of domestic violence, while I am still here in my abusive marriage. I am in extreme fear everyday of my life. I fear for my son’s life as well, at the hands of his dad. I am grasping at hope for an escape for my son and I. I pray everyday that I do not die one day if he chooses to kill me. I have that fear. The hate in his eyes towards me and my son is beyond anything I can explain, and I have no money of my own saved to escape. He tells me each day that I have nothing but him. He says he is powerful…..he will find me if I leave with our son. What can I do?????????!!!!!!!!

One day my husband, myself and our son were driving in the car, and we passed a woman and child, begging for money on the corner of the street in the city where we live in Chicagoland, in Will County, and my husband said to me, that if I left him, that would be me and our son. Then he said, that he would never let me take our son from him. He would hide him first.

I was hit tonight by him and he stormed off as I was bleeding from my nose and my lip…….but he did not care. Our son ran and hid….after his dad swore at him and threw his toys at him….

I have no one to help me and my son.

Some know a little of what I am going through, but no one really wants to get involved. They have no idea the extent of what I go through, of what our son goes through everyday. But--------truly----does any one who has never walked the path of a victim of domestic violence, know what they go through? I would say no. absolutely not. Do people really care? I don’t know.

I pray we can find a way out.

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