PTSD and DV Go Together

I am a survivor! The system failed me. Abused and traumatized by my former spouse….further traumatized by the system.

There are so many stories that are out there about War veterans who suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, but no acknowledgement for those of us, who are domestic violence survivors who suffer from PTSD. No help in terms of support groups, etc. We are thought of, as abused women, as “very emotional”, and laughed at, by the system.

This only adds to our trauma. This trauma includes, continuous nightmares of the traumas we have faced and a continuous non-educated, untrained court system, which proves that there is no justice for domestic violence victims/survivors.

It is a journey, a process, and sometimes a struggle to believe in ourselves again. Are we good enough?! Where do we belong, when our system does not help?! We just want to lead a happy and healthy existence, like everyone else. But….no one listens. We deserve to be treated fairly.

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