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Do I dare go to sleep tonight? Will I wake up, or will he kill me while I sleep?

Those are the thoughts I have had many nights, after he has come home from work, and gone into a rage, over little things I did that he did not like, such as if his dinner wasn’t hot enough. He even acted like that when his friends came over for dinner, and they didn’t even seem bothered by it. Even though I have fresh bruises on my arm, and a cut on my eye, his friends, didn’t even ask what happened. Do they know? Do they just not even care?

I think people in this community would just rather look the other way instead of helping.

Just a helpful and encouraging word, would be nice. To let me know, that I’m not alone, even though I feel like I am.

I am still in my situation, but attempting to leave soon, so please pray for me; And for anyone who cares, if you see someone like me who might need help, I hope you would take time to do so.

Maybe someday, I will be free and able to sleep soundly again.

Anonymous and asking people to stop and help others…….

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