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Taking My Time…..It’s a Journey of Recovery

No, I “can’t just get over it” as many people tell me….

Surviving Abuse is a journey…..and not something an individual “gets over” in a specific amount of time, as so many think it does. I went through twenty years of abuse, and it is not something one gets over in a specific amount of time. I went through DAILY physical beatings and emotional lashings, and the scars are VERY, VERY, VERY deep. Not something that one can recover from easily, if at all.

It is so amazing to me that people think it is so easy. It is unique for each survivor, and the journey takes each survivor on a different path. No recovery is the same.

Nothing is easy in this process and on this journey. Myself, like all survivors, have to take my time in my journey and do the best I can.

So, the next survivor you may meet, which unfortunately, may be a family member, remember to not judge them or rush them to “get over it.”

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