The Story of My Scars

A Scar is a Mark.

A Scar is Damage done.

Scars Hurt!

My Scars do not define who I am, but they are part of me.

I began what I thought was a love story,

Only to be fooled, into a nightmare, that lasted for years.

Years of abuse that was aimed at me by an individual, who was no “real man.”

Abuse, that caused scars, both physically and emotionally.

Scars from being hit, from being beaten, daily.

Scars from being cut with a knife, many times.

Scars from being degraded on a daily basis.

Scars that hurt, both physically and emotionally.

Some scars have healed, while others have not.

Will I even fully recover?

Not all scars heal.

I will never be the same, but I somehow will be stronger, in many ways.

The Story of My Scars, took many twists and turns, and was not pretty at all, to maneuver through, and many times, I thought I would not make it.

I am still here, thankfully, but my journey and healing continues.

The Story of My Scars continues, as I learn how to heal.

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