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They Say I Must Have Made Him Mad

As painful as this is to write-I hope it helps someone else.

Losing my baby before she was born, due to being beaten by my abuser, ripped me to shreds, yet nothing was done to him, NOTHING! Why?! Because he “knows” people. Important people, as they say.

I was broken after that, but didn’t know what to do, as I was stuck and have a three year old as well. She keeps me going.

I don’t like when people judge me and say it’s my fault for staying. They say it’s my fault for my abuser hitting me to the point my baby died. They say I must have made him mad for him to beat me. They have NO idea what I have been through and endured.

I am ok-I finally left.

My 3 year old is ok too.

I picked myself up-picked up my three year old and escaped.

I have very little, struggling to survive and my abuser seems to be getting preferential treatment in the court system in Will County. I have been laughed at and threatened by numerous people in the court system besides my abuser. They clearly don’t care about domestic violence victims. I fear he will try to get our daughter, because he has power. He uses our daughter to further hurt/abuse me.

I pray I can make it through this continued abuse that the system allows. If I can, my daughter and I will be ok. She is all I have.

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