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To those who judge me and other survivors like me

I have realized so much during my time dealing with the abuse from my husband. I have definitely learned who my true friends are. Those who have turned away from me, because they were embarrassed that I was going through this, and they couldn’t handle it themselves. I had one “family member” say it was too stressful for them, to deal with my trauma, when they didn’t know the whole of all I was dealing with. My family and some friends know now I have been dealing with abuse, but most don’t care and tell me that I must have done something wrong to irritate him so bad that he hits me. Some tell me to just “deal with it.” Those that judge and blame victims are ignorant and selfish.

Those who turn away from victims/survivors instead of standing by them and encouraging them, are only enabling the abuser. Selfish and narcissistic behaviors from so called “friends and family” only poison the victim’s environment, with toxicity. That is not what we as survivors need, as we learning to try to get out of this dangerous and negative situation, and get into a more healthy environment.

Word to the wise; Don’t judge victims/survivors. You don’t know what we go through.

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