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Today is like any other day, sadly

Today I woke up (thankfully) after a horrible night filled with my husband throwing me around the room and hitting me. He came home and was furious and out of control because he found out from his mother (who saw us) that the kids and I went to have a playdate with my friend and her kids, and his mother saw us having fun. Seems strange, doesn’t it, that anyone would get mad over something fun like this. But he considered it as embarrassing him to his mother. AND he said it was all my fault, and that is his excuse for screaming and hitting me all night.

I have been crying all day. The kids were beyond terrified and scared, ONCE AGAIN, as he yelled at them to get in their rooms and mind their own business unless they wanted the same thing to happen to them. They were crying, I was crying, and he was evil, and had the piercing evil eyes, as he struck me, and often ran over and picked me up and threw me across the room.

How many times I was called horrible names, I could not even keep count. I was just praying that I would survive the night. I prayed for him to just get tired and go to bed, or just go out for the entire night and leave me and the kids alone. He thankfully left and said he was going to go to his mom’s for the night, and I had BETTER have everything cleaned up by the time he got back in the morning.

I didn’t sleep at all. I cried all night and comforted my children until they fell asleep. Hoping it would be a better day tomorrow. Family members of abusers like mine make the situation worse and escalate their rage. Not only do I have to deal with him, but his family making him even angrier as well. I have to get out! For my sake and my children's. I wish, I pray that I can find a way to get out and survive with my kids on our own.

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