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Who Gave Him This “Power?!”

Overcome with emotion, confusion, frustrating, anxiety, I struggle to figure out how to escape my abuser. He knows I am scared of him. He is controlling. Besides being an abusive person, he brags after beating me that he can do whatever he wants especially to me and our son because he has “the power.” Who gave him this “power?!” The sexist court system and many judges who give favoritism to men?! Judges and some attorneys know they can do whatever they want to, and are very brutal many times in their sexist comments as I have seen and heard, as my coworker is going through this horrible traumatic court process now, and she asked me to come with her one time, and I was horrified just going with her once, on how she was treated. She has told me much more of the horrific treatment she has faced. I am scared to know that is how I will be treated as well from a system that is supposed to protect those like me and my coworker, but don’t. They make us feel like garbage. How are victims/survivors supposed to leave if that is how we are treated by the system??????!!! Abusers like my husband know they will get treated like royalty in the system and be given everything they ask for. Messed up system. I have to figure out how to escape with the least amount of damage to me and my son. Just tired of the beatings and what it has done to our son. My abuser doesn’t care at the damage he has caused and causes every day. I have called our local reps and senators but they don’t care either. It is shocking that in 2022, victims of domestic violence still have to be treated this way.

-Lost DV Victim in Will County, Illinois

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